Where Professional Coaches come together

Our Vision

To bring together a community of Professional Coaches in the Indian Ocean, dedicated to unlocking human potential and committed to excellence.

Our Values

Integrity, Openness and Growth

Our Mission

  • To create awareness about the Coaching profession 
  • Committing to unlocking human potential through Coaching 
  • Creating opportunities for development and growth 

Our Objectives

1. To create proper awareness of professional coaching and ensure individuals and businesses appreciate the difference between counseling, training, mentoring, consulting, facilitating and coaching; 

2. To establish and uphold the excellent standards of professional coaching practices in the Indian Ocean and ensure that these practices are performed by coaches who are adequately qualified; 

3. To be a platform for all professional coaches by providing support and other services; 

4. To be a communication platform for all members by sharing new trends, developments and updates as well as other information relevant to the coaching world; 

5. To provide continuous training by offering courses and seminars and details of courses of interest to the members to ensure they are regularly given the opportunity to develop and improve themselves; 

6. To provide businesses and individuals with an excellent reference of quality professional coaches; 

7. To assist those wanting to become professional coaches by either offering the appropriate courses or arranging for international coaching institutions to host such qualifying programs in Mauritius and other Indian Ocean Islands; 

8. To house resource materials to aid professional coaches, provide information and develop a library for the use of all members; 

9. To provide supervision for coaches as well as mentor coaching services; 

10. To establish a group of volunteer coaches to extend coaching services to the communities and people who may not have the funds to pay for coaching 

11. To do all such things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objects.